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In Elderly Adults, the Mediterranean Diet May Help Prevent Cognitive Decline and Dementia

In a prospective study in Athens, Greece of 401 elderly men and women (age 65+), adherence to the Mediterranean diet was measured in addition to performance on the mini-mental state examination over time, to estimate the severity and progression of cognitive impairment or dementia.1

Decline in mini-mental state examination performance was inversely associated with adherence to the Mediterranean diet. High adherence to the Mediterranean diet was associated with a 54% lower risk of mild cognitive decline, and with a 66% lower risk of substantial cognitive decline.1


  1. Trichopoulou, Antonia, et al. "Mediterranean diet and cognitive decline over time in an elderly Mediterranean population." European journal of nutrition54.8 (2015): 1311-1321. <>


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Posted by Jason Paruthi, MD