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New Study: Walnuts May Activate Insula and Help Avoid Unhealthy food Cravings

Not only are walnuts high in fiber and “good” unsaturated fats, they also appear to activate the part of the brain that may regulate cravings and cognitive control.

Posted by Jason Paruthi, MD

Research News: Improved long-term diet linked with decreased risk of death

A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health shows additional benefits of following a healthy diet such as the Mediterranean diet and DASH diet.

Posted by Jason Paruthi, MD

Mediterranean Diet Recipe: Walnut Arugula Salad with Butternut Squash and Cranberries

Walnuts are a key part of the Mediterranean diet, which has been shown in research studies to lower the risk of health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and dementia.

Posted by Jason Paruthi, MD

Mediterranean Diet Recipe: Grilled Mackerel with Walnut Agrodolce

We teamed up with California Walnuts to bring you this fun and healthy recipe as part of the Modern Mediterranean Diet!

Walnuts are the oldest known tree food, and their history dates back to ancient Persia. Valued and traded throughout history, recent studies have now shown many health benefits of walnuts as a key part of a healthy diet and...

Posted by Jason Paruthi, MD

May is International Mediterranean Diet Month!

This month, explore the Mediterranean region with our team here at Pangea Nutrition. Let's begin International Mediterranean Diet Month with a tour of Greek culture and foods.

Posted by Jason Paruthi, MD

Who Discovered the Mediterranean Diet?

The first studies on the Mediterranean diet took place in the 1950s by American scientist Dr. Ancel Keys. Back then, we did not understand much about how nutrition and lifestyle affect health problems like heart disease. Scientists did notice, however, that people in some countries were healthier and lived longer than others.

Posted by Jason Paruthi, MD

What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 Diabetes is defined as impaired glucose (sugar) metabolism. Type 2 Diabetes can be diagnosed and measured using several blood tests, the simplest being a fasting blood test for blood sugar measurement. In simple terms, because the body is unable to properly regulate blood sugar in type 2 diabetes, the sugar level remains high in the...

Posted by Jason Paruthi, MD

What is Prediabetes?

Prediabetes is a condition indicating that you are at high risk for developing diabetes. Although many medical experts do not like to use this term, it can be helpful to know whether one’s body now has trouble processing glucose (sugar) and whether one is at higher risk for developing diabetes later in life.

Posted by Jason Paruthi, MD

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet is most accurately defined as the dietary patterns and lifestyle traditionally followed until the 1960s by people in areas surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, such as in parts of Greece and Southern Italy. People in this region were noted to live longer and healthier lives, a fact that drew the interest of scientists from...

Posted by Jason Paruthi, MD

The Mediterranean Diet May Help Decrease Total Mortality (Death) Risk

In a randomized study in Spain, 7,216 people were assigned to one of three diets: a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil, a Mediterranean diet supplemented with mixed nuts, or a control diet (with advice to reduce dietary fat intake).1

Posted by Jason Paruthi, MD